Why Bulgaria

Located geographically and culturally on a crossroad between East and West, steeped with centuries of history and memories for ancient civilizations, Bulgaria welcomes you !

Come and take a sip Ruby Red wine, flip а piece traditional Bulgarian bread. Allow your senses to feel the sweetness of honey from mountain herbs, enjoy the genuine atmosphere and nature!
Piece of the natural and cultural diversity of our country you will find in Bulgarians themselves and their daily lives - hospitality bringing the warmth of the South.
Our guides will help you look behind the curtains of history and feel the track the first European set foot on this land. Climb to the ritual temples where ancient peoples welcomed the sun and day after day with their creations have filled the ranks of the history books today.

In our program you will not find luxury and glamor of the newly built hotel, but you will experience the typical Bulgarian, enjoying our special attention to you.