mountain retreat

Sofia - The seven Rila lakes - Sofia
1 days
Additional information
The chain Seven Lakes is the longest, most scenic and most visited group of lakes throughout the Rila Mountains. The lakes are located at different heights as individual lakes are interconnected by small streams.From top to bottom lakes have the following names: Tear, Eye, Kidney, Gemini, Trefoil, Fish and Lower.

Not surprisingly Dunov, The Teacher,the founder of the White brotherhood, chose this place for his spiritual practices. His followers are convinced that in Rila one can draw divine energy. In august every year people from all the world who participate in White brotherhood movement come to The Seven lakes of Rila and play their rituals for peace and prosperity.

Most people recognize that beeing on Seven Lakes feels shaking off all the stress and loads with unexplained energy.Many do not understand the theories of lakes as an energy hub, but believe the legends who have heard from their grandmothers. And they say that there above is a fountain, called Fountain of Master and its waters are healing.


Departure from Sofia in the direction of Sapareva Banya - Panichishte -. Pioneering.
Taking a lift to . Rila Lakes station.
Rila Lakes station - Lake. Kidney distance of 2.50 kilometers, duration: 1 hr. 15 min .;
Lake Kidney - Lake Eye distance 0.55 kilometers, duration: 30 min .;
Lake Eye - The peak distance of 0.60 kilometers, duration: 30 min .;
Lake peak - Seven lakes ch., off 3.00 km, duration: 1 hr. 20 min .;
Seven Lakes ch. - Rilski Lakes ch. distance of 1.80 kilometers, duration: 40 min.
Total distance of 8.45 km, total time: 4 hrs. 15 min.
Down to ch. Pioneering by a lift.