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Melnik and Roupite
1 days
Additional information
Departure at 8.00 hours on the route Sofia-Rupite-Melnik.

On the territory of the village of Rupite, situated in southwestern Bulgaria nad about 8 km. North of the town of Petrich, at the foot of Kuzhuh hill, lies the well-known Rupite area. The area abounds in mineral springs. An attractive site is the church of St. Paraskeva, built according to the wishes of the Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga. The Roupite area, together with the church of St. Paraskeva, is one of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Walk in Melnik, the smallest town in Bulgaria, known from ages for its unique wines. We visit the Kordopulov house - Museum - the largest preserved renaissance house in Bulgaria. It is notable for its lavish interior and the deep tunnel-like wine cellar dug into the sandstone.

Departure to the Rozhen Monastery, founded in the 13th century. Examination of the monastery complex.
Departure at 4 pm in Sofia. Arrival at dusk.